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1988 Cadillac Brougham
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Looks like a sweet car. Hopefully someone rescues it from Gadsden. I lived in Alabama during my college years, and that part of the state never seemed quite as much "home" as the rest of the state. Must be 'cause of the foothills. You know those hill people are different from Alabamians from the Blackbelt and Wiregrass (or you don't, and I'm using terms meaningless to those not from the South. :) )

The winter tire observation is an interesting one. I actually saw a very very nice black 80s Brougham in Tallahassee a couple of months ago. Had brand new white wall tires, but they were also this bulky, tread-heavy type. Forgive me ignorance, but is that what a winter tire looks like? I've never seen any and had them identified to me.

The one time in snowed (when I was in 'Bama), I took a half mile drive down the road to the Sonic Drive-In. We had had enough snow to cover the ground, so naturally everyone was in a panic. Also, turns out snow is wet, and gets old very quickly. You Yankees knew that already though, right?

Back to topic, whitewalls of any sort are getting hard to find. I've got to address other issues first, but it looks like Cooper is one of the better choice for a low-end whitewall in my size. No Coker Tires for me, thanks. I still have to drive my Caddy. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts