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Rattling Driverside Speaker

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The small circular speaker directly above the front driver seat rattles every time i hit a bump or anything that shakes the car. It sounds like the speaker is loose and bouncing back and forth, its so annoying im on the verge of ripping the ceiling in the truck. Is there any way to stop the speaker or whatever it is from being loose, or to take out the speaker cover, it looks like its glued,...... Pleasseeee heellppp me
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thank you at least now i know its not a speaker lol, but two things, 1) how do i remove the plastic cover, and 2) the noise is constant, its not intermittent or occasional. I think the sensor might be loose cause its constantly clanking around
its not intermittent though, i think the sensor is loose cause its constantly clanking around, is there any way for me to remove that plastic cover and tighten it or something
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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