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Rattle in rear passenger seat

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I have this rattle in my rear passenger side seat, when ever I hit a bumb I hear it. Also if I sit in the rear and tap the seat I hear it. It is the most annoying sound... If I have someone sitting on that side there is no rattle. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it?
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check the panels under and on the side of the seat....
I'm not quite sure how to get inside the seat. I'll work on that today!
mine wasnt the seat, turned out to be both rear door panels rattling at the top against the windows going over bumps, stuck some insulation in there to solve it
I still haven't gotten in there... I'm waiting til my boy has time to help me out with it...
It's the rear left seat on mine and I just never bothered fixing it. It does get annoying at times.
I think I have the same problem. I have a really annoying rattle coming from that area but I can't find it since I'm always driving. I guess I'll have my wife drive while I sit in back and try to locate the rattle. We are driving 15 hours to Florida next week and there is no way I can listen to that for half a day.
I also have this problem. I have been back there to mess around with the paneling but I can't seem to pinpoint the location of the rattle. It's very frustrating.
At least I'm not the only one. If I figure out how to silence it, I'll let you guys know. Hopefully you'll do the same...
We found it! We removed the headrest, then removed the leather from the seat. Be careful with the inner part there is a snag! Pull the foam forward. There are 2 metal wires that run in the seat under the foam(The release wires from the bottom of the seat). They were clanking against the metal seat support. We simply wrapped the wire with cloth so the metal isn't banging metal... Problem solved! I have a few pics as well...
T-Giv just realized you are in Colorado Springs... I'm gonna be out there in a few weeks for a wedding. Any spots that are must visits?
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