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Ran with....another V

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So I'm putzing along in moderate traffice, and what do I see squeeze in behind me? Another silver V (at least it looked like one).

He follows me through a left turn at an intersection, where I'm able to see in my rearview that it is in fact a real V. I floor it to about 45 (had to let off because there was a car in front of me). He comes right up behind me. I move over into the right lane, we exchange waves. I tuck in behind him at the next light. The right lane is full of cars, but we are #2 and #3 in the left lane. I notice he has what looks like a corsa exhaust, and is still using runflats.

The light turns green, and he lets the other car get ahead. Then he that corsa sounds great! I get on it, staying a car length back as we WOT through 1st gear. With the windows down, the sound of 2 LS6's echoing off the cars in the right lane is pretty sweet. The dude gets his car a little sideways on the 1-2 shift. He keeps going through 3rd, I wuss out in 2nd (we are in a 45 zone).

We make a right turn and do the same thing again. What fun. I pull up next to him, wave good bye, and make a right turn away.

Fun to finally fool around with a real car.

So whose V was this? Anyone?
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LOL, hey man, that was me, I made the same post earlier:

I figured you must have let off after a certain speed when I saw you flash your lights. You're exactly right about being careful in that area. The man always seems to be around every corner. Luckily we were at the front of the pack with no traffic in front of us to put at risk.

Exhaust is B&B xpipe catback and I have a lingefelter CAI. It surprisingly made a big difference. I haven't been back on the dynojet 248x since my stock baseline, but in stock trim I could pull a car on my buddies 05GTO. He used to always kick my ass in our C5's so he is indeed a better driver. He could cut a 12.4 1/4 with just an airbox in a C5 vert MN6 while I pulled 12.6's with CAI and catback. We made a couple runs the other day after we both got CAI's and I added the B&B and he gets the jump, I reel him in, pass him and leave him like he missed a gear.

Was great fun yesterday and you were the smarter of the two of us being cautious :) Hopefully some other local V's chime in because I see a ton of them in this area.

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btw, any mods to your ride yet? I thought it was an 04, please corrrect me if I am mistaken. I am indeed running on the stock runflats, which in my opinion are great except for the wear and tad rougher ride- they hook like a mutha. These new supercar F1's seem to be much improved over the old ones. I just bought a set of stockers (rim's and tires) from a fellow forum member and will run those until my 245/275 T1-R's come off of back order.

I've not actually run this car at the strip or road course because I'm just afraid something will let loose. Not even a single burnout. I used to run the Rock, FMS and VIR in my C5's.
Hi Mike! Haha...looks like we posted about the same time. Yup, mine's an 04, stock. I'm on my 2nd set of F1 GS-D3s. I didn't go WOT in 1st until you got a few length ahead (didn't want to risk up bumping...that would look dumb). It felt close in 1st, but your mods really help 2nd (I think...don't recall if I was WOT or not, and my shift was rather weak). Part of me wanted to keep going, but the other part was afraid of having to explain to my wife about getting busted for 90 in a 45
"you were the smarter of the two of us being cautious"
Can you tell my wife that? She always worries about my driving.

Too bad we couldn't get next to each other at a light...that would have been a blast. As it was, that's the most fun I've have in the V in a while.

Where'd you get your V? I made the mistake of Hendrick in early March 04. Thompson is the only place I go for service now.

Your V is only the 3rd one I've seen around here. Wonder where all the others are hiding?

- Paul
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heyhey Paul,

yeah, I think the light mods make a little difference in 2nd and 3rd since 1st is soo short. The combination of the 3.73 rear and the M12 tranny is great. I believe every ratio in the M12, except for fourth, is shorter than the M6 tranny in my C5's.

Alot of the v's i've seen have been near the airport area and there are two black one's I see in the vicinity we ran across each other. There are three at one of my customer site's alone.

I purchased this one from Thompson's as Hendrick's did not have the platinum w/ light gray interior. I hate you had a bad experience with Hendricks - I've dealt with some pinhead managers there before. The new Cadillac/Hummer GM is a great guy. I have my vehicle serviced there as two of the service writers and two of the techs own 04 V's. I had the bushing TSB performed there while it was in for a minor shifter bushing repair - great service, work done correctly, work done quickly.

See ya around !
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Some of us are hiding in Cary. I live in Carpenter Village, right down from the Davis Dr. and Morrisville Carpenter Parkway intersection. Also saw someone today in a platinum v going towards my neighborhood.

I bought my V from Hendrick in December 04. I have a platinum V basically stock. Going to get exhaust soon.

If the person that lives on Poplar Branch in Carpenter Village is here, would like to talk to you about your exhaust system.

See you around!
Hey unc-v, My office is near your neighborhood. office is near the corner of airport blvd and chapel hill rd. Let me know if you ever want to stop by and take a listen to the B&B's w/ xpipe if you haven't heard one up close. You're more than welcome to take my V for a spin. I'll actually be headed to the office tomorrow to grab my stock exhaust system and a set of stock rims/tires that are in my warehouse.

If you want to listen to corsa's, Hendrick has one with it on it you could take a listen to. If you saw a platinum v by carpenter village it wasnt me, so that's even two more that I've never seen... V's lurking everywhere in maybe it was Paul :)

I may take you up on that. I am really busy for the next couple of days, but would really like to hear the B&B. I heard the corsa's on that 05 V at Hendrick, but would like to hear the B&B. I really don't care how loud it is, which I from what I have read, the B&B with the x-pipe is the loudest, but I think it also gives you the highest performance gain.

There are a lot around. There's a Stealth Grey 05 V right behind my house in Carpenter Village, so that is three to my count. They all are about a stone's throw from my house too. Guess Thompson and Hendrick have had good sales. BTW, Hendrick still has seven '04 V's on their lot. They won't give me a good price to get one. LOL
unc, feel free to drop me mail at msanjose at nc dot rr dot com and we'll exchange contact info and I'll get my office number to you so you can drop by whenever you get a chance. I love the B&B's. I used to run them on my C5s and I get compliments on them almost daily. I will say they drone realllly bad, but it doesn't bother me at all ;)
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