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Radio/nav not booting

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New to the forums and now a "proud" owner of an 07 sts v. bought it off a guy who just did not show it the respect it needed. So Im now in the process of fixing it up.
I replaced the battery yesterday and when I went to start it up the sts logo on the screen just cycles, and on the dic it is in Japanese. I havent had a chance to really mess with it other than disconnecting battery and checking the fuses. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Im hoping this is just a simple/cheap fix since i already have a to do list a mile long for this thing.
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Check the threads as suggested before you start replacing things. According to 2009 owners manual, the language is set by the nav/radio unit. Also if you replace the head unit with anything other than stock, you will lose some functionality. It is an opinion what you might lose. I cannot comment as I have never run my cars without one. Lastly if you buy used, it will need to be programmed with a Tech2 since the VIN is recorded in the unit upon first install. All the used units have the existing vin from the donor vehicle. The only way around this is to buy new old stock never installed. It will then boot normally.
About a year ago or so someone was selling new old stock on ebay for $350.00 each in the carton. Look around and wait a while if you can. Many of these parts are coming on the market as these cars are no longer in production.


Since it says he has 3, it is likely new as stated. Press him before you buy. If it is in fact new and a pull, you could still get it reprogrammed.|Submodel:V&hash=item41951096a5&vxp=mtr
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