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Radio/nav not booting

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New to the forums and now a "proud" owner of an 07 sts v. bought it off a guy who just did not show it the respect it needed. So Im now in the process of fixing it up.
I replaced the battery yesterday and when I went to start it up the sts logo on the screen just cycles, and on the dic it is in Japanese. I havent had a chance to really mess with it other than disconnecting battery and checking the fuses. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Im hoping this is just a simple/cheap fix since i already have a to do list a mile long for this thing.
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Well we are done here. After getting the quote from the dealership for a refurbished head unit I decided to just give it one more go and disconnect the nav/radio from the harness for a couple of hours. When i plugged it back in it booted up fine. Note i tried this before but only left it disconnected for 10 minutes and it did not work, so leave it disconnected for a bit so it will reset.
Thanks for the feedback on this subject, for the first time posting here I feel like this will a good place to come back to for future questions/feedback.
So no the question is, how many guys bought a refurbished headunit for $600. And, even better yet, how much money has the guy made selling them on eBay as refurbished, when all he has to do is change the label on the box and ship them to the new customer?!?!?! 'Murica
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