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I plan to wire up a 800 Watt Amp to my car, but Ive heard so many things about the Brain and all this other stuff that could possibly go wrong with my car if I do indeed install it. Are there any extra precautions I should take when installing this Amp. Ive installed a amp in my 94 Honda civic. And it was fine. But this car is my baby I would not like to ruin the brain in this fine car. Let alone the Electrical system.

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Cadillac are nice till the electric goes bad:( naw you should be good if you follow the basic rules to amp installation.
1) corect fuse rating for amp and the fuse is within 18" from battery
2)amps ground no longer than 3 ft. Lower resistance
3) make sure you wire your speakers/subs correctly
4)make sure your connections are tight and dry
5) install the big 3
Now the big three is a upgrade to the cars charging system . You take the same gauge wire as your amps wire.

Alternator to ground
Alternator (positive) to battery- same sixe fuse you amp has 18inch rule
Battery(negitive to ground)

Now wht this does is it gives your amp more juice and u won't do any damage to your electrical system I also suggest a bigger battery and a bigger alternator but a bigger alt isn't really neeeded depends how much power you demand good luck.

If you want to see the big 3 look at my cr domain under my screenname link
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