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So I had my oil changed and had the dealer check out a tick in my 2003 CTS. They said the engine was fine but found that the noise was probably coming from my damaged radiator/fan assembly. The stud on the radiator that holds radiator in the support grommet on the passenger side has fluid leaking very slowly from it, appears to have a crack probably at the base of it. Also one of the fan support legs that attaches fan/shroud to radiator is cracked along with the water valve support plastic. I'm hoping they are correct and this is the cause of the sound as it really sounded like something in the valvetrain. It didn't seem noticable until driving a while so this would make sense as the fan probably doesn't come on until temps are reached.

So problem being the radiator is $430, fan assy $425 and the valve is around $125. I would like to take it all apart dry everything and then use some high strength adhesive to seal the hole as well as repair the clean breaks in the plastic support structures. The leak is more like a weep, I would probably just run it as is if I wasn't so worried about the Dexcool/air mixing stories I hear, the engine only has 30K on it and I would like to keep it running well. Its a repaired vehicle so no warranty.

Anyone have a link or could send the repair manual section covering removal of the radiator/fan assembly. Sequence of removal seems to be the big time saver on these tight bays. Any help would be appreciated.

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