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Quick Question Hopefully Quick Answer?

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I got my car back from the shop friday i noticed when i got the car the battery level was jumpin between 12-14.When i frst started it up it was 12 but going up to almost 14 like 13.9 when i drove off its was like 14.0 but still bouncing around . Is this normal or did they not fix the problem . By the way i had a drain which they said was a switch in the trunk that told the security system that the trunk was open and it kept trying to lock on its on something like that i forgot the part was only 26 dollars.
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The voltage should be fairly stable while the car is running unless you have big loads switching in and out. I guess its possibe all of your previous battery rundowns cooked the voltage regulator when recharging, but I would wait until you get an error message before chasing it.
a error message should pop up on my dash? thanks for the info anyone else please put your input
If there's a charging or low voltage problem you should get a warning message on the DIC like "Battery Not Charging" or something equally catchy.
ok hopefully i wont see it thanks
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