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Questions struts

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im looking to buy new struts but i dont know if i should buy the oem ones or buy aftermarket, i was gonna buy the monroe sensatrack, is there any difference other then the oem are electronic, does it give it the same ride or better with the monroes or are there any other good struts??
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I had Monroe struts put on my 89 Deville that had air ride and they were really nice.

On my 98 Seville I went with new OEM struts for the front. I got them on ebay for $995 shipped.
Seems as though people in this forum recommend Arnott structs for Sevilles, said they feell more like OEM without digging a whole in your pocket. They have the correct connection to fool the ride control into thinking its an OEM strut.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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