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1992 cadillac Seville STS 4.9L
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Hello all , have a few questions about doing a head gasket job on my car i have a very reliable mechanic that ive used for
years but never for big jobs and iam perticular about people touching my car so that said i want to look out for things that hes doing and not be lost totally i am mechanically inclined but never done a head gasket on a cadillac 4.9 there alot going on so want to be sure he knows iam not playing around messing with my baby and get him the right stuff ya know set him up for
success kinda thing best stud bolts , timeserts all that stuff , whats the best or logical choice In choosing these type of bolts also i heard that the heads dont really fail On some 4.9s could be cylinder sleeve ring or seal something like that ???? basicall any opinions, experienced knowledge, and explanations will be appreciated greatly so feel free to chime in also how does anyone feel about flowmaster 80 series and 2.5" pipe after cat back thinking about this set up heard one on youtube sounded
nice ! But not sold on idea looking for headers but hard to find other than fabricating some which iam not doing basically not sure if head prob just yet but want to be prepared in getting the right parts and inspections and tested done car is not over
overheating, nor driving rough just lil smoke out pipes blows and stops blows and stops at lights upon accelerating weird huh
i have about 2500$ for this repair mechanic charging me 1000 for job so i have good chance to do it right !! Good work to this
motor i trust my mechanic also !! Hes 30 years experience so i should be ok lmao i hope welp thanks for the advice in advance! !! Quality parts and info please

Will post more pics once i move car out of garage 22" wheels high gloss midnight black paint, subz & amp rockford , manual air
ride , lift kit 2" being garaged like a caged animal not cool first time major prob in 10 years of owning 265,000 miles but still
pounces like panther many have been suprised and left at the light !! Thats why doing this motor some justice with the heads
and other stuff is so important to me 10 years of being reliable for a 92 gotta keep her on the road and riding smooth


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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