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I have the stainless works long tube headers and I have a loud ticking noise from them. It is in the collectors. I called Stainless Works and they said the weld may not be done the correct way on the inside. They told me to look in with a flashlight and see if the weld is there. So I do this and the weld is correct. This is about to drive me cazy it sounds like crap at idle. I also can hear it bounce back off other cars in traffic. It make the car sound like there is no oil in the engine. At least I know that it's from the header. I can turn A/C and radio off and hear it under the car. Does anyone else have this problem? Could I have bad headers? If the sound is a normal one then they are comming off. Stainless Works said should not be making that noise. The shop that works on my car said the same thing. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem.:bomb:

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I have had a few cars with headers. You will get a slight tick, it's normal.
I believe the exhaust manifods are a much thicker casting and it deadens this noise.
The header pipes are much thinner. Hence you hear a little tick. I said little. If yours is loud and sounds like a leak maybe it is.
I have no leaks and have a slight tick. Maybe the B&B headers are a little thicker than the headers you have and that's why my ticking is not that loud.:hmm:
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