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Question regarding wheel and center of vehicle shake

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OK Long story short. I got stuck in my driveway (A lot of snow in the Northeast) I have a 05 sts4. Right read tire was up over curb in about 40 inches plus of snow. I dug it out and tried for a while to get it out. No avail, AAA came and pulled it out no problem and I was able to get up driveway.

Fast forward to today (car was in garage for a few days) I drive to work and around 40 mph the front end and especially the center of car (shifter knob area) is shaking pretty violently. No real shake when going up to speed. Any thoughts? Car has 55k miles on it. Tires in good shape. I did do a lot of spinning and rocking. No codes thrown.:bigroll:
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You've got some snow and ice packed in the back side of a wheel throwing it out of balance.
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Yes sir, I was out there a bit ago and see some nice chunks on the rim, in the brakes etc.. . Going to hit a self wash today and clear it up. Got a little worried that I spun something! Thanks!!
You're welcome. I've been there and done that myself.
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