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Question regarding GMPP

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thinking about purchasing gmpp but just wanted to see how much it would be for major guard (would it be the same price gmpp direct or would the dealer be cheaper) and also what other members think about gmpp....would you all recommend it for the escalade? thanks
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I would always recommend GMPP, I think they are really good and have seen them save customers a lot of money for repairs just outside the factory warranty.

Pricing is controlled by the number of miles on the vehicle, and the in service date. That means it varies widely.

I find it easier to deal directly with a person regarding purchase of a GMPP plan. You can ask more questions rather than having to read a lot of documentation in order to make a decision.
GMPP direct is cool if you actually have an offer letter.
If you recently got one you can punch in your VIN and browse through the plans. It used to be you punch in the information on the GMPP direct website then choose the plans and options you want to review pricing information.

The pricing should be the same I think.
If you are looking to get on. You can call me and I can give you some prices.

Its the best way to go.

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