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Re: Boston Suspension

Slick Black Cadillac said:
I own a 1996 Concours and recently purchased the passive suspension kit from Boston Suspension on Ebay. The kit was delivered lightning fast and was fairly easy to install (you need a spring compressor and will probably have to torch off your rear bags). No message appeared on the DIC. The ride is signficantally stiffer and takes some time to break in but solves any ride discrepancies you may have. Dennis at Boston Suspension was super helpfull with any questions I had. Reccomended.
I too have spoken with Dennis, and he is a great guy. Read his eBay feedback, you can't make that stuff up. Nearly half his transactions are on eBay, that's pretty bold.

My mechanic looked at the stuff, and said he saw no reason why it would cause any issues. Plus, no ride control messages will trip.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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