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Question on ride quality - 20's versus 22's

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Hello all - I'm considering getting a new '07 Escalade (standard length) and I was cross-testing it with the Yukon Denali, and the Denali with 18's and 20's rode much better than the Escalades in 22's. I believe they have the same suspension, but the Escalade felt much more jittery and sporty, which was odd given the weight of the vehicle, and was particularly poor at higher speeds on the freeway, where I could feel every bump. Many of you have the 22's, probably most of you, so do you know 1) if this is typical of 22's, 2) if the suspension is the same between the two vehicles, and 3) if I'd do better doing aftermarket 20's rather than the factory 22's?
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They share nearly identical suspensions, the difference in ride quality is definitely the 22 inch wheel option. This is pretty much a trade-off you just have to deal with to get the nicer wheels. And with that being said, I think its a SMALL price to pay to not have to deal with the blandness of the 18's. Every review Ive ever read about the 07 specifically mentions the ride degradation with the 22 inch wheels.

I think youre onto something with the 20 inch aftermarket option, that would probably be a good middle ground.
I switch back and forth from 18's in the winter to 22's in the spring, summer and fall, and yes the 18's ride much better, but that depends on the roads you drive too, nicer roads and the 22's or larger are not bad, the one thing I will say is the 22's handle better due to the lower profile and less air. Don't want to give up the looks of the larger wheels while it's nice weather, because they do look much better. :)
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