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question on igition modules on 01 DHS

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Hi, first time on the forum! I have a question.

I had an ignition module go bad on my car (one cylinder not firing). I got the code, found that it was #4. Somehow in my research as to which cylinder this was I thought it was on the back side (the side along the fire wall). I purchased a module and put it on, still had the issue. I looked at it again online and found #4 was in the front not the back, not sure how I got that wrong!

Anyway, we took the old one from the back and put it on the front, plugged and bolted in, runs fine, no check engine light (only have driven it about 10 miles so far).

The question is this, I know the front and back modules have different part numbers, and are different colors, but they do see to interchange on the car. Any reason not to leave the rear module on the front bank? I am planning on selling the car very soon so I would rather not buy one if I do not have to, but do not want to sell something that is not correct.

Any input would be appreciated.

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The coil cassettes are identical except for color. The removable ICM (Ignition Control Module) in each cassette L-leg is also identical to the other.

Bank 1 - right (rear) bank - 1,3,5,7
Bank 2 - Left (front) bank - 2,4,6,8

Welcome Aboard !!!! :highfive:


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thanks, I was thinking that nothing was wrong since it is running well and no error codes and the fact that it plugged in.
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