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1995 Eldorado, 51K
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Hi guys.

I did it. Such a deal! She's a beauty, too. '95 base with 42k, great story. I'll post pics this weekend.

The cassette player has sound from right side only. Radio works fine. Must it be a cassette output problem since amps are outboard?

Meanwhile, found an ad on ebay for 1995 Eldo Bose cd/cassette , but the pic didn't show Bose on front. All things being equal, I thought "No Bose on unit- not Bose unit" Perhaps the ad title was a mistake/misprint or a way to get more hits on the auction. I bought it anyway, so IS there such a thing as a non-Bose cd/cassette radio for the 94-95 Eldo/Seville? Can I pop it in, no problem?

If not, and I have to return it or resell it, I'm thinking aftermarket or maybe using an amp bypass harness so I can play my Ipod. If sound quality thru cassette/mp3 adapter- is okay I'll stick with it. Don't necessarily need cd. Any ideas on viability/difficulty of bypass option? thanks.
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