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question for the cad forums...

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hey does anyone here run headers on thier caddys? im thinking about putting some on mine i just wanna get some info first. also if u did run headers please tell me what the low end or high end increase was. i wanna get some low end power. also does anyone know of any mods that i can do to make my car more powerful but yet still somewhat fuel efficient? thanks guys
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If your Cad is stock, my recommendation is that you leave it alone. GM paid thier engineers big bucks to design a car for a designated purpose. Our vehicles (mine is an '88 with a 5.0) were not designed nor intended to be hot rods.

If your aim is for better economy by modifying the motor, forget it. You will never recover the amount of money you spend in modification in fuel savings.

If you want to go fast, get another vehicle.
You have the HT4100 like me. Only thing you can really do is mess with the timing and maybe take off the cat and put a good exhaust on it. I have a Holley air cleaner on mine, its noticably quicker off the line, try that for starters. But our motors are known for over heating,and the first time that happens in an HT4100, its done. My advice to do an engine swap. Thats the only way your really gonna make it faster. And forget about better fuel economy period.Aint gonna happen.
okay maybe i was just being hopeful haha. well it is my daily driver so maybe ill get headers or something... oh btw jonas everytime i see that gif of that wrestling guy dancing i laugh my ass off
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