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Question for Rick?

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Next week I am having anti hop bushings and a new nav unit put in. The new nav unit will require programing with a Tech II. Can they do this without phucking up my tune?
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urbanski said:
take it to Shane's wifes dealer....telll them don't touch the PCM.
That's where it is going.
urbanski said:
worse case is you need it flashed again...*wink*

now let me ask you dude...any desire to help me swap headers? i'll buy the beer...i'll bet you have better shop supplies than me. deal? maybe we can tie the header swap to the Houston meet? I know the shop that did them the first time will cost $150. Are they just such a PITA that it's worth 150 to let them do it?
Yeah that would be fine with me. I don't mind helping with that, especially since you'd be doin' the heavy lifting. :lildevil: The only issue on the header swap that you need to consider is that doing it from a lift is a lot easier than from jack stands while laying on your back. I'm sure we could get it done though if you want to give it a shot. I'd suggest you get some nice ARP studs to make the swap easier.

And on the flash, I always new that was my alternative.:shhh:
urbanski said:
yeah thanks man...i'll think about it. honestly thinking of just doing it myself.
I ordered the ARP stainless studs and Percy's gaskets just now :)
Let me know what you decide. I'll fire up the pit.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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