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Question for drag racing V's...

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When you go to the 1/4 mile track, with all of the axle hop, do you warm up the tires by doing a peel out or just get set and go?
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I had the Full BMR suspension parts under my car so the wheel hop wasn't an issue anymore. I bring the air pressure in the rear down to 18-20 psi on the F1's and I do heat them up a little. I really heat them up more than I should but I like to put on a show.. haha

Now I am running BFG drag radials and I run them between 16-18 psi and I still heat them up to much, back to that putting on a show thing..
I did crack my differential, not sure if it was on the track or if I did it on the street. I had it replaced under warranty and had the GM anti-wheelhop bushings installed and the BMR parts (well half of them) BMR Pinion support and the BMR wheel hop kit were removed for now. I am still running the BMR toe-rods and trailing arms though. I will be going back to the track, I hope this coming Friday to try it out with the GM bushings and I hope she still has no hop. The biggest thing you want to do, is if you do start to get hop, let off, wheel hop is a killer on the drivetrain..
Here are a couple videos so you can see there is no hop..

On F1's doing a 2nd gear strip..

On Drag radials running a 12.91 at 109.34
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The bmr pinion support is junk, your pinion stays still but your rear end will twist. I broke mine and when we took it out it was in 2 pieces. The pinion brace was mangled.
I have made over 20 runs down the track with my V and am still on the original rear. (Knock on wood) I have the specter bushings and have virtually no wheel hop anymore. With the F1's I would go around the water pit and just do a small burn out to clean up the tires. Then I would launch fairly hard. My best short time with the F1's was 2.1 but was usually around 2.2's. With the BFG drag radials I go through the water pit and do a nice burn out to get them heated up. Then I launch at about 3500 rpm's and get no wheel hop or tire spin. Short times are consistantly 2.0 but I have had a couple 1.9's. I also run about 15 psi in the tires.
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