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Question About The Length Of Coupe Deville

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Can anyone tell me where to find out the length of an 84 coupe deville? I'm pretty sure it would be the same from 80-84. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to get mine back, and I'm hoping it fits in my barn with room for another car. But I want to make sure first.
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I'd be careful about barn storage. That's the quickest way to rot the frame.
Actually my 75 is 231" long which is 19'3' so an 84 is shorter by 10", making it 18'5."
I would guess an '84 is either 221" or 221.2". A '74-'76 CDV was the longest CDV ever at 230.7".
Hmm. The cadillac history and cadillac ready reckoner both list the 74-76s at 231, same as the sedans. Weird.
According to the Cadillac brochures and magazine articles and road tests...

'74-'76 Calais & De Villes..... 230.7"
'74-'76 Fleetwood Brougham... 233.7"
'74-'76 Fleetwood 75 Limo... 252.2"

Maybe some sources just round off 230.7" to 231"?
Checked my brochure and I suppose they are 230.7." This damn well better not make my 75 shorter than my friend's 76 Continental Town Coupe.
The '77 Lincolns are 233". I don't know how long the '76s are- but it would be very close!
The '76 Continentals are 232.9 inches long

Ok, how wide are they?
davesdeville said:

Ok, how wide are they?
Don't feel too bad... the Cadillac has a longer wheelbase and a bigger engine.
Here are some specs for a '75 Coupe de Ville and Lincoln Town Coupe (From Motor Trend, Dec., 1974)

---------------------- CDV----------- Lincoln
Wheelbase------------ 130"----------- 127.2"
Overall length--------- 230.7"---------- 232.8"
Overall width---------- 79.8"----------- 79.6"
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