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Question about Spokes.??

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im planning on getting these spinning spokes for my ext :

i was wondering if there is any other wheel brand that has a spinning spoke rims?

And i also wana ask if they are gonna fit in with no problems ??

Also does any1 has any experiance with thee wheels or brand if u can share with us plz.

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Never had experience with those particular spokes, but spinning spokes are know to have problems. If you want spinning spokes, I think davin wheels makes a spoke that is sure to be high quality.

Also, what size wheels are you looking to get?
i wanna have 22", i tryed davin wheels, they dont seem to have spokes..., its cuz im living all the way in the arabian gulf, so it would be difficult for me to complain about the wheel and send it back to the US. i dont wana have problems with new wheels, y'know what i mean ?
yo bro,

i have a set of 24 inch dub bellagio spinners that i will sell to you for a killer me @ [email protected]
these wheels are in excellent condition.

dub and davin are the best spinners out there.
I love wire wheels - even put some 144 spoke 20" Players on my old escalade (00) - but it was a disaster...

- would not stay balanced...tried 3 times at 3 diff shops...only stayed smooth for about a month...finally gave up

- anytime I took the truck in to get serviced at the dealer I had to r+r the wheels myself. No matter how many times I showed the mechanic how the knock-offs worked they still ****ed it up every single time. They even broke my lead hammer and adapter tool so the truck had to sit for 3 days waiting for new ones to be shipped up.

- impossible to keep clean - unless 10 min/wheel with a brush sounds like fun

- the nipples rusted/corroded w/o ever being driven even close to snow - only rain

- impossible to lock - anyone with a $30 adapter tool and a jack can take the rims
- the cheaper wire wheel co's use bigger adapters meaning a nice extra 2" offset

but damn they look good!

if you're still considering it - I would recommend one wire wheel - Dayton - nothing else even comes close (no matter what they say)...they'll stay balanced, won't rust..and use a diff adapter meaning less offset. Pretty sure you can buy spinner kits that will fit right on too

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try skatin' on some DAYTONS... pricy but hot... or go with DUB
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