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Two questions:
1) Has anyone ever replaced colored accent molding pieces before? If so, how did you remove the old ones? I was thinking of using a hair dryer set to HOT in hopes the heat would kind of loosen the glue (I think its double sided sticky tape). What do you think?

2) Will the front bumper molding work on the rear bumper? It appears the front molding has a slight bend at the center point to fit the contour of the front bumber whereas the rear bumper is fairly straight across the length of the rear bumper. If the length of the front piece is equal to or longer than the rear piece do you think I could just unbend the formed bend at the center point and use it on the rear?


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Hi Rick,

I removed all my mouldings about 6 months ago. What a bitch of a job. The dryer might work OK, but I just used some patience and started pulling ever so slow. It is applied with two sided tape and that stuff is tough. I replaced mine with chrome trim with an adhesive backing that looks pretty good. it was cheap at Pep Boys and so far I'm satisfied with it. I will try to send you a picture of the work I did. I got the idea from someone on the site. If it ever comes back online you can do a search about it.

Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your new wheels. :wave:
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