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Question about rear plate area.

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Hey guys, i have a black 2003 CTS and the area in the back of mine is gray.
I know the newer versions have the same color as the exterior of the car that looks 10 times better.
i want to make mine black.
how would i go upon painting it, and is it easy to do or should i take it to a shop to get done?
has anyone else on this site changed theirs to the color of the car exterior?

please let me know guys.
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i covered mine with the E&G louvered rear bezel. you need to get it painted, but i think it looks really nice. (sorry bout the goofy pic, my digital camera was dicked up).

others have just purchased the 04 or newer rear bezel that is color matched, lindsey cadillac would probably give you the best price. do a search of the forum, there have been many threads on this.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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