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Question about a noisy 1994 Sevile....

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Hi everyone… first time here (or any other car forum).
I will start by saying all I know about a car is where the key goes, and where the credit cards are in case anything goes wrong.
That said, our car is a 1994 Seville and has had a knocking sound right under the passenger seat since we got it a couple of months ago. It is a low and constant thumping, as is louder if we are on a highway and going 50 or more. An important peace of info is that if I hit the brakes, even slightly, it will stop. I had it on two lifts so far and neither guy found the noise. The sound is getting a little louder now and I am beginning to visualize the entire motor being left on the road as we careen into the nearest ditch, and the next mechanic saying “If you only had those two bolts tightened, you would still have your car”!
Any ideas???, and thanks very much for this forum!
Maybe I will finally know something about cars, at least the car we are driving right now…:)
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I wonder if what you're hearing might not be an exhaust pipe vibrating against the floor caused by a bad motor mount?
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