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He would let him drive his favorite car! The press erroneously report that the the Aston Volante win which new Duke and Dukette did a drive around was "new," well it may have bee newly restored, but Prince Charles has been driving that car since the mid sixties when it was new! In fact the blue Aston convertible was the car he used when he was "courting" William's mom back around 1980 ... and the car was already over ten years old. I don't blame the Prince of Wales for hanging on to the Aston all these years; let's face it it wouldn't have done to see the Prince deserting a dying British auto industry for the superior auto products the Germans or Italians were producing.

As luck would have it, I was lucky enough to drive an identical (royal blue) Aston Volante, off and on, for a week back in 1970. I had always been a fan of Astons, especially after Touring took over the design and coach building of their cars with the DB4. At the time I was thinking of changing my Lamborghini for that Aston. Not for long though, I discovered the Aston was an antiquated, rough "truck" in comparison to the Lamborghini 350 GT. Actually the Aston, with its' "live rear axle," smaller engine and dash dating from the previous DB3, was far inferior to the Jaguar E-type of the day. While I would have liked to have had the convertible, I made the right choice in keeping the Lambo another eight years.

In 1979 Aston Martin updated their cars with the DBS and while keeping the De Dion rear end, they did upgrade (maybe, the engine to a V-8 and eliminated any pretense to their cars being "sports GT" cars, and became just heavy 'Luxo" touring cars.
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