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Quality Air Intake Needed

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Hi, My Brother currently owns a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V, and he is going to be doing some modifications to it. Some things he's mentioned are (supercharger or blower, Computer remod from cadillac, and an Air Intake.

I did some research and Lingenfelter and K&N make Air Intakes for this car.

Anyone have any suggestions on the best Air Intake for this car.

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Tell him to save his money, those things don't do ya much good with the hood closed. They show a few HP on the dyno with the hood open which exposes the top and eliminates the chance of hot air getting into the intake stream. But with the hood closed most of them that I have seen run at least 10* hotter than the stock air cleaner assembly on the AIT.

IMO your best bet is just a K&N drop in filter and call it a day.
What's the part number on the K&N drop in filter, again?
What's the part number on the K&N drop in filter, again?
Its part number 33-2649 (for LS2 and LS6)
Installed lingenfelter CAI last night. They say you pick up some hp, but its also a visual mod. I like the way it looks. Sorry I didn't get a chance to take any pics yet. I know, I know this is worth nothing without pics!
Ok I guilted myself into taking a few pics right away. Enjoy


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Hey hard was it to get the LS2 fuel rail covers to fit? Did they just snap on or did u have to shave them?

Wasn't too hard with a little help from a dremel. Then they will snap on nicely :thumbsup:

I have that same Lingenfelter sticker on my Rototiller, no joke!
I have the K&N Aircharger intake...I dont think it does very much..but is a cool sound combo with the magnaflow!
i have the volant intake and love always has a lil whistle noise
Isnt the factory air intake tube restrictive? Im running a drop in K&N but can see how the tube can be a problem with that "dent" in it, Does anyone make just a replacement tube to buy?
Isnt the factory air intake tube restrictive? Im running a drop in K&N but can see how the tube can be a problem with that "dent" in it, Does anyone make just a replacement tube to buy?
There is a thick divider right after the MAF in the factory air tube. I ended up just hacking mine out and using some exoxy to seal things up. No idea if it actually realized any power gain but it made me feel better lol
Hi there, If he's looking for something like is shown in this thread, we recommend Volant HANDS DOWN! This vehicle has Supercharger, long tube headers, exhaust, MSD ignition, 50 shot nitrous, and a custom Big 3 Performance Tune. You get increased throttle response as a definate benefit on cold air intake. Open element intakes with a heat guard will definately give you increased throttle response, however under hood temperatures will make the overall HP gains neglegable. If you want performance from a Cold Air Intake, the only real choice is Volant. It is an enclosed cold air intake system that gives you all the benefits you would expect from a cold air system. As far as cold air intakes not making a difference, if 2 people had idetical supercharged vehicles and one had a setup with cold air intake like the one shown, the vehicle with the intake would have an amplified hp result.
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Guys, below is a quote from a post I made a while back. It was from a thread discussing if it was worth it to get a ported throttle body:

The bottom line, is you will see gains if you use a CAI as supporting mod to other intake, exhasut and engine mods, you just might not see a big difference with it by itself. Being that CAI is usually one of the first mods someone does, you don;t really see a big difference intially.

TRUKK said:
Originally Posted by Seattle CTS-V
I have a ported and polished TB on my car now and can't tell a difference...then again, Maggie drowns out all "small" gains on my butt-o-meter.

I noticed the same when I installed my Ported TB. Couldn't tell any difference.

A few months after that I swapped out the stock 'squeeze-tube' between the MAF and TB, and noticed a very big difference. More than I would have expected, from just that one small piece of tubing. I have a feeling that this was a fairly major restriction, and by opening it up, I allowed the Ported TB, and the LPE CAI to show thier gains gains.

In my case I don't thing the TB was a restriction, at the point I installed the Ported one, which is why I didn't see squat in terms of gains when intially installed. Like florain stated earlier, all these mods work together. To KaTech's credit, the told me up front that the more mods you have the more the ported TB will show gains.

My $0.02,

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