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Hey gang, I wanted to make sure my install was completed before I posted this.

Negotiate w/QMerit.

My initial auto generated request was $2.199.00 and was going to require $699 out of pocket.

I had previously gotten a quote for my wife’s Mach-e for less then that and refused to pay anything out of pocket. I tried to explain it to the original tech assigned and my QMerit rep. We tried again and the quote was just a few hundred less.
So I canceled the installer because you can get a different one if you need to. I further explained I am not paying a dime for this. Wiring and parts are cheap ($300 - $400 max for everything) and I’m just refusing to do it.

Finally my QMerit agent understood, spoke with the installer again and got everything covered and said it would get installed with it the $1,500 credit.

I have double garages that face each other and I was putting the plug on the opposite one of my electrical breakers.

The install was completed within three hours and done professionally.

This has been one of the better parts of the process.
My charger is out for delivery with UPS, otherwise QMerit would have hung it. I will do that myself when it gets here and add more pictures.

So basicaly don’t take the initial offer. If the system is high, it sends that price to the electricians and they see an easy and agreed upon pay day, vs. an actual quote for what’s right for your location.

Anyways. Good luck.

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What is the process for getting the QMerit install quote/installation? Do you have to have an allocation before you can start it? I would like to havemy Level 2 charger installed prior to taking delivery and if QMerit is going to be cheaper then the electrician of my choice, i'll want to go that route.
I think it’s suppose to happen when the dealer has been informed your car is being transported as well as confirming your purchase.
If a buyer can’t get financed or something else happens. Getting the QMerit or EVgo reallocated is probably a chore and you are out reimbursement.

Either way, coordinate with your dealer to stay in touch!
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