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Put new wheels on the 07 Escalade

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These are the Devino Vere 26"

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Man , wow, these rims sure do fill up the truck.
and surely the standard question, ANY RUBBING ?
I like those wheels. :thumbsup: Good choice. Your truck looks awesome.
Your truck looks nice, now tint those side windows. :)
It does rub a little but no biggie. Only when I back up and turn the wheel all the way, and if I make a trun a little to fast it will rub on the back. Nothing to damage the truck or the wheels.

I just got all the windows tinted even the front. I will post some more pics when the weather gets better here in Miami.
Nice wheels!Where what shop did you get them from and how much?If you don't mind me asking.The rubing on the front you might be able to use a heat gun on the plastic wheel well.Use a wet towel to push in the plastic and cool the area.
Looks awesome! I can't wait to put some on my 07' and lower it a bit to fill the gap.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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