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Purchasing 2016 ATS-V, Concerns

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Hey Ladies and Gents!

I'm looking to buy a 2016 ATS-V manual, build date 10/15 in-service June 20, 2016. I currently own an ATS 2.0T. The car is being sold by a dealership that got the vehicle from a private dealer auction and the car was previously owned by Cadillac Executive. Went to go take a look at it and had a few questions. I only had about an hour to look, test drive and leave. On the walk around I noticed the front right fender didn't match exactly with the body line. After looking a little closer I noticed that the panel had been removed and put back on. I noticed that the bolts that hold the fender on had been taken out and put back in. The paint match, even with a paint thickness measuring tool and the all so accurate "eye test", was excellent. Hence, I believe that it is the original panel without dent or paint fixing. So I think the fender was removed then put back on to get at something underneath, but put back on without much concern for detail. Any idea if anyone has reported problems on the '16 ATS-V that requires the front right fender to be removed?

The car has 13,000 miles and already has significant tire wear with small amounts of cupping on the rear tires and uneven wear on the rear tires toward the outside edge (more wear on the outside than inside), tires mounted normally. Alignment looked fine, but don't really know without an alignment test. I would imagine that was from burnouts and fun-having by the original owner (don't blame him/her!). The brakes had normal wear from what I could see, but still waiting on a brake wear measurement. Anything else I may be missing here?

The last question, during the test drive, in normal (touring?) mode, while on dry roads with speed limit of 45 mph, I got on it a few times, but never WOT. The boost gauge didn't show anything other than 0 psi. No lights on dash, but didn't get a chance to see if it was throwing any codes. Is it even possible to drive around at normal city speeds and driving like grandpa and keep it out of boost? I would think not, but regardless, I still got on it a few times and even braking traction in first and second gear. Anyone have problems with digital boost gauge not getting a read out?

Thanks in advance!

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Whatever you do, run the VIN through at another Caddy dealer and make sure there is not a warranty block on the powertrain.
Thank you for your concern. I have verified with my personal dealer and also an independent source that it will be warrantied and also if there are any open recalls, which TSBs were completed and if any maintenance and/or repairs were done at a GM/Cadillac dealer.
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Is it CPO? If so, I wouldn't sweat it too much as you can take it in for any fixes. I found my 2016 and instantly knew it needed a CUE replacement and the torque converter shudder fix but wasn't too concerned since it was all covered and repaired by my local dealer when i got home. If it isn't CPO, then do your homework and make sure it has some sort of serious warranty. Performance cars get driven hard by original owners, make sure you are covered.
It is a CPO, so it will come with an extended warranty for 6years/100,000 miles and I will demand all recalls and TSBs to be completed (they are required to anyway) but also replace the tires, brakes and do an intercooler bled/flush. As for the CUE replacement...I had my ATS 2.0T replaced in 2015, but I didn't see anything wrong with this one and all new software updates were done. How did you know that your CUE had to be replaced?
Yes you can stay out of boost while driving, but it's likely the car wasn't warmed up enough for boost. These cars won't make much (if any) boost until your engine oil temp is above 170 degrees. The gauge isn't broken, you probably didn't have the engine up to temp.
Thanks for the heads up! The engine was definitely at normal operating temp. I had it idling for 15-20 minutes prior to driving; however, it's possible I just didn't get on it hard enough, speed limit 35 to 45 and all, or the boost is affected by the mode it's currently in.
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