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Great Site!... Glad I found it in a search. I recently traded My 1965 Fleetwood hearse and 2 edlo's (76 & 78 t-roof) for cash and a 1990 sedan Deville with 75k miles. I love it, I am surprised of nice ride and a lot more miles per gallons that I am used to. Anyway it came certified so it was ready to go. Right away I noticed it didn't return to idle right away, it seemed to be pulling as I braked till almost 1 foot from full stop, not to good for brakes or gas mileage (no service light). I immediately cleared the codes then drove around and checked again. returned 2 codes. tps out of adjustment. So I adjusted and that fixed the idle problem instantly (weird that the dealer couldn't figure out that one). The 2nd if for air- something like high side needing adjustment. I will wait for summer to fixed that one.
The other thing (why I am inquiring) I get my green digital dash lights pulsing once in a while. Does not effect car, just annoying at night. Am I supposed to be able to dim these green lights?, mine do not dim up or down when I turn the light dimmer, but the other lit white on dash does dim. I am wondering if the pulsing is actually the green light trying to go from full to dim mode.
Why I think this is because if I rotate the dimmer switch to the right it does pulse more extreme.

Any tips where to start would be great.

ohya forgot one more inquiry.
when returning home a few weeks ago I got a new service code.
I forget the number right now but it said egr system fault or needs servicing.
The car has low mileage and everything looks clean in motor area.
I check the pvc valve and also pushed up under the egr valve to make sure it could move. Are there any common things I could check ?
note:after clearing code it won't return unless i hit the highway for more then 30 minutes or so. Won't come on no matter how much city driveing.

thanks again for any tips.
Ron from Ontario.
also own 1973 eldo convertible.
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