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crewsr said:
Alright. I have a white hard top with a chrome grill and red carpeting. The body is in excellent condition and the inside is white leather in good condition. The gas engine has 130k miles.

This is one of my lifelong (27 yrs old) dream cars. My parents bought an 84 Eldo in 1989 and I was blown away. I could lay down and sleep on the rear floorboard!

Thanks for the welcome!
They are one of a kind. I love it how the Eldo's were ahead of its time. I have a 92 that has options my friends don't have and there cars are 97 and up. They are spacious and very classy. I was thinking about buying another one in the 80's to use as a second car to cut down milage. And i love white. I would love to see pics of the car.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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