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Proud new STS owner

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Hi my name is Thomas. I recently purchased a 2002 Cadillac STS Seville. It has the Bose audio system, and i have to say I was flabbergasted by the sound quality and bass response. The 32 valve Northstar has amazing tourque. I have yet to find any kids running around in their little rice rockets ballsy enough to step up to the Caddy. Overall I have to say that the STS is just a beautiful machine, and the woodgrain just makes that much better!! That reminds me does anyone have any suggestions on cleaning the woodgrain?
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A damp rag is all you should need. Maybe a mild soap if any at all.
Thanks Ranger i appreciate it.
:welcome: to the forum and the family. Ranger right, use a damp cloth. You don't want to use any harsh chemicals on it to chance hurting the finish. If you need any other suggestions, let us know.
Windex should be fine on the polyurethane finish on the wood if there are smudges that won't come off with just a damp rag.
Hey, I just got my STS last week. 2002 STS, loaded, 30K miles and immaculate, I have been waiting for years. The machine is a goddess of beauty. It sat in the dealers lot for 5 months (they did excersize it regularly) couldnt sell it quick cause it has no sunroof (Big deal, I am in Canada, so i was not interested in looking at the underside of a snow pile on the roof anyways).

Needless to say, this car makes my wifes 2003 Lincoln LS look and feel like a Lada. The Bose stereo inside the STS... what can I!

Congrats on the new STS! I have a 2000, and love it! Especially with the Corsa cat-back exhaust! It turns the STS into a monster! I highly recommend that upgrade! :)
I know how elated you must be! I looked high and low for a 2003 STS that had a sunroof. Finally found one in mid-October. It also has the Bose and Nav system. It's a wonderful car.
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