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I was referred to this place by 814V (thanks dude!) a while ago, and have been there a couple times since. I've had a difficult time w/the local dealerships here from incredibly overpriced service, to VERY SLOW service, to simply denying I have a bad tire valve (they replaced it later that day, after a 2nd visit and that "they" found it! Thanks (sarcasm) Legends!).
814V is in my area, so I hit him up about his experiences and where he goes. He pointed me to Glenn at Coulter in Tempe. I was a little hesitant because they are about 45 mins out of the way for me (1 way), and the fact that I was previously recommended Legends (what a joke they are! Seriously!). I tried 814V's recommendation, and it has been great!
I've been there a few times now and Glenn seems to understand the V's existence, the owner, and the position GM was and is currently in. Professional and courteous, without being salesman-like.
My latest experience is this: a few weeks ago, a really irritating and LOUD rattle started coming from just behind and below the armrest. I couldn't really find it, and didn't want to tear it all apart myself. Recently, I had my rear seats folded down and I was almost rendered deaf by the whining. Usually, my exhaust and folded UP seats drown out the whine, I'm assuming. Yesterday (Fri 6/26), I took my car in and had the mechanic drive with me to drop me off (they don't automatically give a rental anymore, which is ok). He definitely heard the rattle, but for some reason the rear wasn't whining much at all. I though "oh well, I must just be paranoid or it was the road, etc." even though the road where the whining originally occurred was never an issue in the past.
I got a call from Glenn in the afternoon, that they found and fixed the rattle (misaligned bracket somewhere) and the rear was, in fact, starting to go. They had already replaced the rear diff and it was ready to go! I expressed my surprise that they had a diff in stock, and Glenn said he was too, but they had it there and they replaced mine. This may have something to do w/the fact they do the servicing for Bondurant (I think...correct me if I'm wrong).
Picked it up this morning, looked under the car, and sure enough there was the new diff!
Only problem is that the windshield now has a HUGE crack in it. They are going to fix it, and it's not their fault. I live in AZ, and it's been pretty hot out here, so my guess (and the on-duty service manager's guess) is that it sat outside all day, and when they ran it through the wash, the cold water hit the hot glass and there it went. I've seen it happen before out here, so not really a big deal.
Anyway, for those in the Phoenix area, if you're able to use Glenn at Coulter Cadillac in Tempe, AZ, he's been great for me.
Thanks Glenn!!! There has been a bit of a restoration in my faith in GM service, considering my previous Lexus service was never less than top-notch, and my previous local Caddy dealership experiences were very poor!
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