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Project - Painted the Valve Cover

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I decided to paint my valve color, as some of you have done. I chose a pretty neat pattern, and it came out great. Here are some pictures, I am still going to add a few more details in a day, I will post more pictures then. Let me know what you think - it looks sick in person. I may be offering this as a service, if anyone is interested.


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I like it. Now I wish the stock engine cover would fit the Maggie. :D
Looks great!

Black and silver :hmm: might have to try that on the Corvette FRC's and Maggie :D
VELOSE said:
I like it. Now I wish the stock engine cover would fit the Maggie. :D
Be thankful that the stock hood fits the maggie!:worship:
Yeah, you should talk to Jerry Magnuson about how he had to slavedrive the R&D crew that didn't think their kit would ever work without an aftermarket hood!
:hmm: That's odd I can't see the valve covers. THe engine cover looks nice though.:cool2:
Thanks for the compliments.
took about 2 hours with a blunt in the middle
Yeah, I like it ... very nice ... and, it avoids that trash-can-cover description the rest of us still have.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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