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Project HUD

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So I saw this on eBay and the price was too good to pass up...

Look at this on eBay:


Won it and its being shipped here and once the weather clears so I can drive the Camaro this is another little project to add to the car along with finalizing my brembo upgrade and egx body kit.

I'm hoping I can just cut the dash (it's hollow) buy the HUD defrost nozzle and wire it up with the HUD dash switch and it'll be a go.

Don't want nor need acc so that removes most of the headache however does anyone know if there's any special programming needed to activate this once I hook everything up or once wired up will it just work (highly unlikely).

Any assist guys? Especially looking for insight from the other gurus (this means you ddadler!)
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Ludacrisvp said:
@1BadCadSTS - what is on your bumper on the STS in the last pic with the XLR (next to passenger headlight)?

Also, as you apparently have intimate relations with the XLR are there any parts for the XLR that could or should or that someone might want to be used on the STS?
Not really sure of all its features.
It threw a headlamp washer cover. Had to order and have painted. I promptly deactivated the system right after. Great system, lets spray water all over the front of the car while its crappy out... Got tired of my car looking all streaked in the front, but it was amusing to hit my GF with the washers while picking her up all the time....

XLR...share.... the shift knob, ecm, tcm and the throttle body... seriously thats about it... Engine accessories are routed all different so the engine cover isnt even the same. HUDS different, only green but it has a really cool boot up, vette suspension, sway bars, brakes, wheel bolt pattern, trans tube... The block and heads MAY be the same but I never dug that much into it to check.
we can't program it like that
it has to be in the car to be programmed

there probably is some way to bench program but dealers don't have access to the equipment, tools or knowledge info

another consideration is if GM TechLine will alter the option for you or not

some option adding (like the cruise control i mentioned earlier) maybe sanctioned and some may not be sanctioned

the only way to know is to try i guess
Gotcha. Thanks. How about the headlamp harness. Pigtail or no?
that was the driver's info switch connector (88988295) not the headlamp switch

it was not a pigtail ... the parts catalog says "without leads"
Well HUD came today I found something which made me VERY happy.

The XLR-V front clip I bought to section on to the XLR I rebuilt for my boss included most of the wiring. As luck would have it I cut and kept every single left over plug of that front clip just in case because you never know when you might need a GM plug for something. Well with those plug was the XLRs HUD plug which is a DIRECT plug in for the STS HUD. 1 pin needs relocated and I need one extra wire but I have the major (and way overpriced!) HUD plug!

Once I hear back from Daddler about the RIM HUD on/off programming is how I will proceed next. Hoping to know tomorrow (if not I fully understand), so I can plan on the 2 hour road trip to Ohio to get the dash carrier assembly with HUD provisions.

From there Ill hit up Rippy for the dash nozzle, info control switch and plug and with 1 solid days work I'm assuming Ill be set!

So far total cost in this project is only $25 bucks!
not sure if you know but to be clear the 'without leads' designation on the DIC switch connector means no terminals or wires, just bare plastic connector body only
Correct understood. Ill use the wires already there just repin the plug and I'm sure I have some terminals laying around which I can use to add the extra wires for HUD control.
Good thing you thought of (and re-did) that XLR otherwise you wouldn't have the needed parts.
Interestingly, after changing the settings in the IPM/RIM, there was no change in the operation of the HUD. I can tell you that the car will set a DTC for an incorrect number of modules detected on the data bus if options are not set correctly. I'm not certain exactly what other functions the configuration information controls, in light of this new information.

As for the RCDLR, there is an option to Enable/Disable the Secure Car feature using the Tech2. This option was only found in the 2006+ STS menu choices however.
That's something I wanted to hear! So I should be able to test wire it up and see if it works. Now l find a location to easily access all the wires needed to splice into the HUD plug.

Wonder why my dealer told me when going in the tech 2 under an 06 they could not turn the feature on...?
The Tech2 menus are quite a bit different for the 2008 than the 2005 and 06 I looked at. I suspect this may have something to do with it.
Some members have had dealers say that their 2006 STS didn't have the feature only to later find another dealer to enable it. Others have tread the path of your quest without joy but there's always a first time. Good luck.

with Daddlers help and removing the speedo I can confrim the cavity is there and set up for ALL cars to accept hud and it does not in fact mount to the carrier but an aluminum subframe which mounts to the firewall which is also PRESENT on non hud cars, with the holes for the projector mount but it is missing the threaded inserts to actually bolt it down....

The differences in the dash carrier only appears to be a cut in the upper plastic for a window to project the hud, this I passed on purchasing the carrier to keep costs down and will opt to simply use a cut wheel to cut the window myself

I did note and I believe Daddler mentioned this that the vent tube which runs to the left side vent does in fact appear different, thus Rippy I need to add that vent tube to the parts list, its the large plastic vein which directs the air flow from the air box to the left most side vent. I am assuming you can confrim there is a difference between one with and without UV6.
***Picture courtesy of Daddler!***

Thanks guys for all the help so far!
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There may in fact not be a different duct. You will be able to tell if you remove your instrument cluster trim and instrument cluster. This will give you a clear view of where the HUD should mount. Looking at some of my other photos, the HUD doesn't appear to extend past the aluminum frame to where it will interfere with the HVAC duct.
Hard to tell could just be the angle

Let me know if you happen to dig up any photos of your dash carrier out of the car where the hud hole is. Really do appreciate all the help Daddler!
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Unfortunately I don't have the other pic you were looking for. Tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.


Nope, I think that will be okay.


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Sorry! Cleared the inbox.
parts catalog only shows one duct for all LHD STS cars
Awesome news rippy! Thanks!
IT WORKS!!!! Installed the 2008 rcdlr in my sts today. Install was easy programming for the fobs and then clearing the ECM to learn the rcdlr password took an hour but the secure car feature works PERFECT on my 05 sts.
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