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Project HUD

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So I saw this on eBay and the price was too good to pass up...

Look at this on eBay:


Won it and its being shipped here and once the weather clears so I can drive the Camaro this is another little project to add to the car along with finalizing my brembo upgrade and egx body kit.

I'm hoping I can just cut the dash (it's hollow) buy the HUD defrost nozzle and wire it up with the HUD dash switch and it'll be a go.

Don't want nor need acc so that removes most of the headache however does anyone know if there's any special programming needed to activate this once I hook everything up or once wired up will it just work (highly unlikely).

Any assist guys? Especially looking for insight from the other gurus (this means you ddadler!)
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Set your expectations appropriately. HUD cars have a special polarized windshield. A standard windshield might not perform quite as well.

Illogically, that polarization is in the same axis as most sunglasses. Voila! Disappearing HUD!
The 'secure car feature' has been discussed many times on the forum. The conclusion has always ended that only the very latest build 2005's could enjoy this nice feature.

On the original topic, it does make sense that HUD can be enabled without ACC. HUD was available on its own in many later-model STS but only V8's had ACC.
Some members have had dealers say that their 2006 STS didn't have the feature only to later find another dealer to enable it. Others have tread the path of your quest without joy but there's always a first time. Good luck.
Yea, since they VR can open all windows, the must be a code that could be sent over the car's network. Likewise, it might be possible to modify a window control module to close the sunroof when the Secure Car feature is activated.

As usual, such project might get very expensive, but 'possible' has no pricetag.
A few years back, I posted a call for one of those few people. They do drop in from time to time.

Like most people, they want to be compensated properly for their effort. Possible, yes; practical? It may verge on a labor of love.

DD is right. It may take a knowledge of the source code & network protocols.
I think it's actually got polarization to improve the HUD.
As noted early in the thread and in the many HUD upgrades on various places on the web, most automotive glass will work but better results involve additional measures; the best results can get expensive. Nothing new there.

1Bad, I'm not sure I fully understand your last sentence. Do you mean that you did not have to have to do any programming to make the displays appear?
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