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Project HUD

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So I saw this on eBay and the price was too good to pass up...

Look at this on eBay:


Won it and its being shipped here and once the weather clears so I can drive the Camaro this is another little project to add to the car along with finalizing my brembo upgrade and egx body kit.

I'm hoping I can just cut the dash (it's hollow) buy the HUD defrost nozzle and wire it up with the HUD dash switch and it'll be a go.

Don't want nor need acc so that removes most of the headache however does anyone know if there's any special programming needed to activate this once I hook everything up or once wired up will it just work (highly unlikely).

Any assist guys? Especially looking for insight from the other gurus (this means you ddadler!)
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Got my STS back from the shop today so I'll pull out my Tech2 and let you know for sure. I'm fairly certain it will need to be turned on. This is how the other modules know to broadcast data to it.
After poking around in the IPM/RIM setup configuration, it would appear that you can turn on only the HUD without having to activate ACC. The following screen shots are configurable options for the 2008 model year. I haven't looked into any other year. One point to note, anytime I've ever changed the configuration in the IPM, I've had to perform a Brake Pedal Position calibration. Since the RIM retains a backup copy of the configuration, it is automatically updated when anything in the IPM configuration is changed.

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Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, but work was getting in the way :)

I believe when turned on, the HUD will display navigation information without further programming of the radio. Of course to try will determine this for sure. It makes sense though base on my past experiences. Personally, I would connect the HUD in a test configuration before taking your dash apart. From a person who's had his dash out twice, it is a fair amount of work if it turns out this is not going to work.

In regards to the configuration change, it has been my experience that changing an option setting in the IPM is automatically mirrored in the RIM and requires no direct interaction with the RIM. The BPP calibration is a separate procedure, also completed through the IPM menu options.

I suspect the 'V' series cluster will have different firmware as it is a different part number and is for a different application. It would make sense that information broadcast to it will be based upon the engine option selected through the IPM configuration.

I believe the Fog Lights not US/Can is for the rear fog lights. Even though I have enabled this, my car does not retain the last state selected during the previous ignition cycle.

As far as the "Secure Car" feature, while the module part number may be the same, the software loaded into the module when installed or replaced is different. This is not as simple as changing a setting with the Tech2. I had looked for a past member a long time back. This requires the use of GM's SPS (Service Programming System). You may be able to get a module from an '06 with a newer calibration already loaded to work, however the RCDLR is an integral part of several other systems in the vehicle and you may inherit a whole new set of problems. This component plays a key role in lock/unlock status, remote start, TPMS, etc.
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I understand what you're saying about the RCDLR. My guess is there are incompatibilities with software in other modules within the car. GM doesn't use a Tech2 for programming anymore, they use an MDI. With this, there have been changes to how this takes place. Just last week we had a problem with a radio I installed in one of our fleet vehicles a few years back. It had to be replaced and the dealership was unable to program it. They ordered the same part number I had installed. Back then, I was able to use a Tech2 for the programming and I was able to select a calibration of my choice. This allowed me to "trick" the system into letting me program it. Since I don't subscribe to SPS access anymore I can't try many of the things I used to be able to do. Working with the dealer we tried to install the new radio using my past method unsuccessfully. When you use an MDI for programming, it verifies VIN's and part numbers so this is where you'll be stuck.

I will try changing the option setting in the IPM but I won't get to it tonight. Tomorrow is my Friday so I'll try to get to it over the weekend.
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Well it seems you are quite capable for sure. I really can't see why this won't work, but it is a PITA if it doesn't. When the dealer replaced my HUD under warranty, they broke away pieces of my carrier instead of removing the steering column the way they should have. If you take out the column, you may be able to clear the shifter. This is another area they broke to save a little work.

BTW, there is a problem with the link in your last photo. It isn't displaying properly.
Give it a shot. Hopefully it will work for you.
If you have a look at the Hollander information on that eBay listing, it says "STS 07-08 Theft/Locking; w/o keyless entry". Hopefully this doesn't create a problem. I'm not aware of an STS without keyless entry, but for an 07-08 part, it does have a different part number on the case than mine.
Interestingly, after changing the settings in the IPM/RIM, there was no change in the operation of the HUD. I can tell you that the car will set a DTC for an incorrect number of modules detected on the data bus if options are not set correctly. I'm not certain exactly what other functions the configuration information controls, in light of this new information.

As for the RCDLR, there is an option to Enable/Disable the Secure Car feature using the Tech2. This option was only found in the 2006+ STS menu choices however.
The Tech2 menus are quite a bit different for the 2008 than the 2005 and 06 I looked at. I suspect this may have something to do with it.
There may in fact not be a different duct. You will be able to tell if you remove your instrument cluster trim and instrument cluster. This will give you a clear view of where the HUD should mount. Looking at some of my other photos, the HUD doesn't appear to extend past the aluminum frame to where it will interfere with the HVAC duct.
Unfortunately I don't have the other pic you were looking for. Tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.


Nope, I think that will be okay.


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It's certainly positive news that it is is working for you. Good job!
The Express Open is only when using the switch in the console because there is no data bus connection to the sun roof in these cars. Certainly Express Open/Close is within design possibility, but without integral sensors engineered into the system, there is no protection from strangulation or other pinching making this type of modification a really bad idea. There would need to be timing modifications, along with other significant software changes in many different components to adapt a door control module. I'd love to meet someone that has source code though. It would help with a lot of my "dream" projects.
Vr can open / close all windows (no roof) so I agree there must be a network "packet" that sends this command to express down or express up the windows.
Absolutely there is for the door windows. It's a case of how to adapt this functionality for the roof that simply isn't realistic from "our" abilities. I should have been more clear in my post that my first sentence was referring to Express Open of the roof, and the switch I reference is in the "roof" console, nothing to do with door glass or controls. I was ambiguous.
So doing a little more reading, it does have an anti-pinch feature so why GM didn't tie this in to the rest of the vehicle systems is beyond me. Hmmm. Definitely nothing about this in schematics or the Owner's manual.


The only connection outside of power, ground and the control switches is to the Rear Integration Module. This provides and 'Enable' signal so the controls are permitted to work.
The problem is that each type of module (PDM, DDM, DDSA, etc) has a three digit ID assignment. When information is transmitted on the data bus, the data packet contains this ID which is how each module knows whether to act upon/process the packet or ignore it. In this vintage of vehicle (I say this because as development moves forward, GM may change the strategy a little), the ID's are standardized across all GM platforms. In order to make this work, the module would require a unique ID, but also any other module sending data to it would also have to be reprogrammed with the appropriate ID. This would require resources only available to very few people.
I definitely won't have any pics that detailed. I'll have a look at my collection but when I had my dash out, a friend was standing over me in a hurry because he couldn't stay long to help. I wanted to get more (and better) pics of the dash than I did.
I can probably take one or two for you but it will be a few days. I won't have time until my next cycle of days off.
Have one more night shift to work after tonight so probably Wed night before I'll get to it.
I took some pictures. Hard to get really good ones because of the reflection from the windshield. I put a tape measure on the dash so you will have an idea of size and reference to some of the other structures. If I have a chance to post them tonight I will (have some things I must get done before work in the AM), otherwise, tomorrow evening.
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