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Project HUD

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So I saw this on eBay and the price was too good to pass up...

Look at this on eBay:


Won it and its being shipped here and once the weather clears so I can drive the Camaro this is another little project to add to the car along with finalizing my brembo upgrade and egx body kit.

I'm hoping I can just cut the dash (it's hollow) buy the HUD defrost nozzle and wire it up with the HUD dash switch and it'll be a go.

Don't want nor need acc so that removes most of the headache however does anyone know if there's any special programming needed to activate this once I hook everything up or once wired up will it just work (highly unlikely).

Any assist guys? Especially looking for insight from the other gurus (this means you ddadler!)
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Yup. Tech line is indicating I need to program the ipm and rim

Rippy I need a price on the info control switch with hud and the hvac defrost nozzle (plastic dash pad) along with connectors for the HUD and info switch. Can you work that up?
My dash is indeed ebony (so I am assuming I need 25772897) as is the rest of the parts

Wow is the hud connector price high. What's so special about it is it a whole harness or simply the plug without any wiring?
Info switch have a pigtail too?
Thanks so much!

Checked the ipm and rim replacement info and it says you must turn on acc and HUD individually so I'm assuming ill be ok with just hud. The wiring doesn't scare me, just the programming.

Too bad your in Canada. I'd come to you and throw a couple bucks at you over the dealer just to power it on!


EChas3 said:
Set your expectations appropriately. HUD cars have a special polarized windshield. A standard windshield might not perform quite as well.

Illogically, that polarization is in the same axis as most sunglasses. Voila! Disappearing HUD!
Vette boys have been doing it for years. Most say the difference is minimal. If it becomes an issue ill lay a small 25% tint square in the reflection area for the HUD
You tinted your shield. Isn't that extremely illegal?
So the only programming needed is to turn it on in the ipm and relearning the brake switch?
Ludacrisvp said:
Foglamps not US/Can ... what does that do?

See anything about getting the V cluster features or did you not think to look? or are those all the options related to the IPM?
Probably has fog lamps remain in whatever state you left them in? Ie had them on shut off car restart they are on again without toggling? Or means export rear fogs.

Once turned on in the RIM/IPM will the Nav directions display on the HUD? Or is there some programming needed in the Nav module (radio) to enable that?

Also for my own amusement dealer said it couldnt be done but can you go under the tech2 manually as an 05 build and see if you can turn on the secure car feature?

PIC3165A: Windows Will Not Express Up Using the Secure Car Feature - keywords button car control function inaccurate information inoperative lock RKE security - (Feb 16, 2006)
Subject: Windows Will Not Express Up Using the Secure Car Feature

Models: 2005-2006 Cadillac STS

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

The 2005 Cadillac STS owner's manual pages 2-5 and 2-19 incorrectly state that the vehicle is equipped with a "secure car feature" that would allow the customer to express up the vehicles windows by pressing and holding the lock button on the keyless entry transmitter. This feature is not available for 2005 model year.
For 2006 model year vehicles the feature is available, however, some vehicles were built with the feature disabled. To enable the Secure Car feature on 2006 model year vehicles, perform the following:
****•* D
****•* STS
****•* RCDLR

Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.
GM bulletins are intended for use by professional technicians, NOT a ""do-it-yourselfer"".* They are written to inform these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or to provide information that could assist in the proper service of a vehicle.* Properly trained technicians have the equipment, tools, safety instructions, and know-how to do a job properly and safely.* If a condition is described, DO NOT assume that the bulletin applies to your vehicle, or that your vehicle will have that condition.* See your GM dealer for information on whether your vehicle may benefit from the information. WE SUPPORT VOLUNTARY TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATION

© 2013 General Motors Corporation.* All rights reserved.
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I show them as being the same part number though. 07 is different thn 08-09 and then 10+. No idea why.
Yes but there is no difference in parts to explain why. Only a difference in programming which should be able to be overridden by a tech 2.
Makes sense except if my rcdlr were to fail they would replace it. It would come as a blank slate no programming. Since an 05 and 06 is the same part they would be flashed with the tech 2 and programmed with whatever options are applicable and then sync it with the vtd so why can't my current 05 rcdlr have the ability for it?

That's down the road though

Will be hard to test the HUD if I need it turned on and a tech 2 to do it unless without the option turn on it still gets some data. Could you test turning off your hud in the rim and see if it has any functionality?

I appreciate all the help/advice!

Just worried if that could end up being the case here with adding the HUD now....

Already found a good used HUD carrier for 250, was going to pick it up this weekend, replacing that doesnt bother me, I rebuilt an XLR and did a heater core on my old Seville both required removal of the dash carrier.

You can see my STS back when it had the Platnium grille in the last pic
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retried it!

i agree i would rather not waste my time or money if this proves to be fruitless but I think it will work (in theory on paper it looks legit!)


Lets hope the RCDLR pans out...

07 module should have everything SET, we shall try this....

i think i take on too many projects at once... this is why my Camaro never gets done...
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Worst case for that one Ill need to reprogram my keys back to my OE RCDLR and I wasted $25 bucks if it doesn't work, or if it does Ill need to have the dealer clear it with the VTD...

The HUD is what I really want though hahaha

Ill wait till I head the status on the RIM once you shut off the HUD to decide if I wait to pick this HUD carrier up (pointless to waste money)

I may have them turn on the HUD in the RIM program the brake pedal and clear the VTD for the new RCDLR all at once, maybe Ill get away with just an hours diagnostic hahaha
All of them say that if you dig into it. No idea why. Maybe because our cars technically don't have keyless entry. It's called passive proximity or something special since you only need the fob on your person and not to actually press the unlock for access. I forget the exact name for it.
So can I mail you this rcdlr rippy and have you turn on the secure car feature?

Also ever find out if the headlamp switch has a pigtail?
Ludacrisvp said:
@1BadCadSTS - what is on your bumper on the STS in the last pic with the XLR (next to passenger headlight)?

Also, as you apparently have intimate relations with the XLR are there any parts for the XLR that could or should or that someone might want to be used on the STS?
Not really sure of all its features.
It threw a headlamp washer cover. Had to order and have painted. I promptly deactivated the system right after. Great system, lets spray water all over the front of the car while its crappy out... Got tired of my car looking all streaked in the front, but it was amusing to hit my GF with the washers while picking her up all the time....

XLR...share.... the shift knob, ecm, tcm and the throttle body... seriously thats about it... Engine accessories are routed all different so the engine cover isnt even the same. HUDS different, only green but it has a really cool boot up, vette suspension, sway bars, brakes, wheel bolt pattern, trans tube... The block and heads MAY be the same but I never dug that much into it to check.
Gotcha. Thanks. How about the headlamp harness. Pigtail or no?
Well HUD came today I found something which made me VERY happy.

The XLR-V front clip I bought to section on to the XLR I rebuilt for my boss included most of the wiring. As luck would have it I cut and kept every single left over plug of that front clip just in case because you never know when you might need a GM plug for something. Well with those plug was the XLRs HUD plug which is a DIRECT plug in for the STS HUD. 1 pin needs relocated and I need one extra wire but I have the major (and way overpriced!) HUD plug!

Once I hear back from Daddler about the RIM HUD on/off programming is how I will proceed next. Hoping to know tomorrow (if not I fully understand), so I can plan on the 2 hour road trip to Ohio to get the dash carrier assembly with HUD provisions.

From there Ill hit up Rippy for the dash nozzle, info control switch and plug and with 1 solid days work I'm assuming Ill be set!

So far total cost in this project is only $25 bucks!
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