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Eldorado northstar 1995
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Hello everyone.
I own a 1995 Eldorado but have never had the Remote Close Remote.

I found one on ebay, very happy I start the procedure by plugging the cable into the trunk but impossible to couple it, battery is new by security.
seller tells me that frequency may be different for my vehicle in europe.
Do you have a solution?
I saw some vehicles from the GM group where you had to connect cables from the ODB socket but they do not fit my vehicle so I could not try.

sorry for my english very average I do not master well

cordially florian

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I have no idea of what you need (in France) for a 1995 Eldorado/Seville/Deville vehicle remote fob setup. It is usually done by a GM/Cadillac dealership using their ??? Tech-II ??? scan/program tool. They program the specific car VIN to the fob(s) using Internet downloads.

Maybe one of our Western Europe members can help.

Nothing wrong with your English. Very saddened by the disaster at Notre Dame.
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