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I am a german Cadillac fan.I ride a 1998 Cadillac STS in very good conditions.
The engine rides with LPG Gas,so here is my Problem.
The engine started with Fuel and when it is warm enough,he switsches to LPG.
When i stard my car,i have to start a long time and the engine dident start.
At my second try, i start the engine started after 5 or 8 secons and smells like a lot of Fuel.

Please can me anybody help with my start problem??
My car has about 70thousend Miles

sorry for my bad english

Alex from germany:bigroll:

2002.5 F55 CORSA STS, 2014 Explorer XLT FWD
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English not a problem. Remove the cover over the engine and find the Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) which is inserted in the rear driver's end of the fuel injector connector rail. Start the car and remove the vacuum line which is attached to the nipple on the FPR. If there is any fuel present in the nipple then you must replace the FPR (if it has failed it will cause a very rich fuel mixture). The FPR is retained by a hairpin clip, and uses 2 O-rings for seals. Very simple replacement. or Luke, in Parts at Lindsay Cadillac, M-F, 9-5 EDT (+4 GMT), over there >>>>>

Otherwise, I do not know about the procedure for change from gasoline to LPG.
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