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hilldo said:
My rear diff was wearing out and had that whining noise just after my warranty expired... took it to David Taylor Cadillac and my service guy, Roy Harper had the shop foreman take it for a spin with me...

Roy and Bill went to bat for me with GM and they completely re-built my rear end... UNDER WARRANTY.:)

Thanks, Roy!
Why wont my service guy give in. They have had my truck for almost 9 days (5 days , 3 days, 1 day) and they have replaced hydraulic lines, changed p/s fluid, and put a new pump on this time. The sound has quieted some, but I still hear it.

I want to take it to another dealership, but my warranty ran out and the only reason they say they are able to do the work under warranty is b/c I took it to them and complained while it was. What should I tell them to do so they will look at my diff and transfer case.
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