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1995 fleet wood 87 coupe deville
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I Just joined this site today and am looking forward to any help . I have a 1995 Cadillac Fleet wood with the 5.7 engine and the other day I started it up and drove to one of the local coffee shops .The car has had no past issues and ran and drove as it should. After about a 45 minutes later I came out to start the car and all it would do is turn over and not start up ,also when i did get it home I noticed the check engine light came on but it was not when I was trying to get it going earlier at the coffee shop . I drained the battery down in trying to start the car so I decided to just tow it on my flatbed back home. I charged the battery back up and was preoccupied and did not look into the problem any further and 2 days later decided to try and start it and it started up no problem and check engine light was not on anymore. Any body had this happen ?I am hesitant to drive it somewhere till i figure what went wrong. I was told module on distributor or possibly coil ? Thanks in advance for any comments :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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