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eldorado 1994
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sorry I'm french, I don't speak english very well but i need to try explain my problem...

I have a cadillac eldorado 1994 (norsthstar), that car is really perfect and I enjoy to have it, unfortunately today I met a big problem and I'm affraid that the cost of
repair will oblige me to put the car in destruction...........really I would like to keep it but .....

in fact sunday the car was running well but on monday the car start to show strong shocks has every change of report , today my friend change the oil and filter but
problem still there, according to you , is this breakdown repairable or is it necessary to think about a change of box? that case expensive I WILL NEED TO
SEPARATE........ and it's difficult because except that problem that car 20 years old seems like a new one !!!
please if yo had this problem, try to help me to solve it as is cheaper is possible

best regards from france

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Welcome :wave:

I assume you are talking about the transmission shifting hard.

Start by pulling the DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). See the DTC Sticky at the top of the forum if you need help.
Use the link provided to decipher the codes and be sure to post teh code definitions along with any codes you get.
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