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Probelm with my 98 STS

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Everything running ok, then I boosted my friend's car and the caddy died in the middle of him cranking the engine. Then I get a boost, turns on with ABS and Traction lights on, and Service stability control/Service steering system? Then I try to drive it out and it just keeps dying after putting it in Drive.?

I cleared the codes but these things don't go away.. all I get is a ABS C1255 code
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Check the code and then check some of the associated fuses. Also check your battery connections - if they are loose they could be arcing over when you jump started your bud and made things worse. Low voltage will wreak havoc in those cars. What does the volt readout on the DIC say?
I agree, it sounds to me like a loose connection, or damage caused by a voltage spike while you were jumping the other car. Alot of manufacturers advise against using todays modern cars as a jumping point for this very reason, but it usually doesnt cause a problem.
Ok, I dissconnected the battery under the back seat, let it sit and then reconnected it.. made sure there is no loose connection but still getting the ABS/Traction light and service stability system and steering system. I get them right off the bat after starting the car so it makes me wonder if the voltage spike could of popped the fuses or sensors?
The car does not choke anymore though, and seems to drive fine.

the code is ABS C1255, can anyone tell me what this is?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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