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Hey guys , What is the rule on privledges . How many posts do you need before you can access personal info , get emails and all the other great stuff . Thanks , Rich
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You have to be a supporting member!
it took me like 51 or 52 posts to get PM's and look at peoples profiles. keep pecking away.
PAW 47 said:
You have to be a supporting member!
Incorrect. You need 50 posts.
It's a choice: 50 post or a Supporting Member. Supporting members get extra previledges like posting larger pic files and the banner under your name but more importantant you help pay for the operation of this Forum. And you thought it runs for FREE! Pitch in guys and share!:)
Amen Robert, we all love all the imput and shared experiences we get from all of the members. With all the info and sometimes CHEAP (I love that part) things , or even oppinions to improve your ride, $50 seems like a cheap way to continue to get that info (yes you can get it anyway), but what you do is help support the hard working individual(s) who puts this whole thing together AND keeps improving on it (Thank you Sal). I can not tell you how much more I enjoy my ride thanks to the imput from so many of you long time members (I can't even begin to list you all). Watch posts from these guys and gals and see if you don't think-------maybe-------I would want play a bigger part of it.

Just my .02 (I know, a little gabby!!! :yup:
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