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priming oil pump

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I have a 2011 Cadillac Escalade hybrid 4wd, I had the timing chain replacement yesterday and I packed the old oil pump with Vaseline. After putting the car back together I turned the car on and the oil pump didn’t prime. I tried to prime it by pouring oil from the drivers side access bolt to the oil pump and it didn’t work(3 times) at this point I looked up this old forum and see that someone overfilled the oil in the car so that it pump will be flooded and prime. Can this technique work for me and would you know how much oil I should fill it with?

Thanks in advance
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Well I tried overfilling it and oil came out all over. Turns out the dumbass I hired didn’t put the bolts on the oil pan correctly and stripped the engine block. The pan was loose and not on tight so no amount of priming would ever give me oil pressure. It’s in the shop now. Thanks
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