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Hello all:

I am a recent member to the board and in need of some help (surprise!). I am in the process of searching for a '99 Deville and need to get a better understanding of what pricing is reasonable for this car and what problems I should anticipate.

In terms of pricing, as I've been researching, it seems like a '99 Deville with under 45,000 miles, in excellent condition, asking price is in the 7-9k range. Does this sound right? I was thinking maybe a little high but hoping to clarify what the real market value is.

In terms of reliability and problems, I have done some research on this board and I am very much aware of the head gasket failure problem. My plan will be to replace the head gaskets as soon as I get the car using Jake's solution ( and switch to the Prestone Dex-Cool compatible coolant. Assuming this problem can be permanently resolved, it seems like the Northstar is otherwise fairly reliable, no?

What I do not know is what other trouble spots this car has. I checked Consumer Reports and the '99 shows as very unreliable across a wide range of areas including electronics, HVAC, etc.

I am fairly handy and can probably fix most issues on my own. I also own a digital code scanner so that won't be an issue. Having said that, I won't buy this model/year if it is going to be a continuous stream of problems and expenses.

Thanks in advance!

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