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This is one of the 64 coupes produced with a manual transmission ever (unless you bought a V). I'm sure many of you are familiar with this limited run, but I thought I knew everything about these cars and didn't know there was such a thing before I bought it. It is an absolute blast to drive and gets great gas mileage for how much power is available. Car has around 65K miles on it however it has a just had a new GM motor put in at my local Cadillac dealership (3 year warranty). At roughly 65k miles, there was a failure with one of the internals and the motor needed to be replaced which is a blessing in its own way. This vehicle is in excellent shape and has been meticulously cared for, before me it was owned by an older gentleman who only took it out on weekends to cruise. He had it serviced at the Cadillac dealership and I have service records on it going back to its 500 mile service! I am the 2nd owner. The failure was a rarity according to the dealership and was covered. This is the second CTS Coupe I have owned myself, and it is incredible how much nicer it is than the previous one I had owned (Which was a 2012). It is a Premium model with every option, including some performance upgrades from the factory. I will list some of that below.

It was equipped with the Summer Performance Package with came with the staggered 19" wheels with Conti's Extreme Contact tires. I have put aftermarket wheels on it, but I have the originals and the tires are brand new. The currently equipped wheels and tires will be available to you for an additional cost if you are interested.

Came with these options equipped (Mechanical)
-Transmission cooler line with radiator (Performance cooling system V03)
-Larger brake rotors and steel calipers instead of the aluminum (Performance Brake option J55)
-Electronically controlled suspension with rear auto-leveling (Performance Suspension FE3)
-Limited slip diff
-Power assisted steering
-6 speed manual transmission

Premium Options
-Heated and Ventilated seats with lumbar air support
-Heated Steering Wheel
-10 Speaker Audio
-Sun Roof
-40G HD for music and Nav
-Directional Headlamps (turn as your wheel turns)
-Glide Up Touch Screen
And so on.. Many more options, but a quick google search for premium 2011 CTS will elaborate. It has literally everything.

The paint is nearly perfect, with just a small chip or two less than 2mm in size up on the front. Body is perfect, interior in nearly perfect condition. I believe this to be the only 6 speed manual for sale anywhere, and I have not seen another for sale since 2015. Honestly feel like this may the last one to show up for sale? It is certainly rare and I am not desperate to get rid of it, but I have my eye on another vehicle so I figured I would put it out here. It may take a year to find the right buyer, but it will probably be someone who has been looking for this. If that is you, you have arrived.

I have a price in mind (I know what it is worth) but I'm really just entertaining offers until I have some other funds saved up for the inevitable purchase I plan to make in the next year or so. For the sake of negotiation, lets just say I am asking $22k OBO

Anyone with additional info on these manual coupes, please chime in! I love this community and the collective knowledge we have together.

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